Business trips are no longer what they used to be. Here at Andiamo, we will find fast, convenient and extremely personalized travel solutions for your business. We have access to discounted corporate rates with certain airlines and hotels all over the world which can result in a significant cost savings for your business. No matter the occasion – from a company wide retreat to solo executive travel to client networking events, we will make sure no detail is forgotten. Let Andiamo create the corporate experience you seek and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Mixing business with pleasure doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

The term BLeisure (business and leisure travel mixed) recognizes the new modern day business traveler – one that wants to work hard on the road but has the professional flexibility to take a few days for leisure afterwards. This is a growing trend for businesses that require extensive amounts of travel and can be a great way to help employees adjust to a lifestyle on the road. No matter the destination, Andiamo can help you create itineraries for suggested leisure extensions to any business trip as an added bonus for your employees. Business Travelers – not sure how to become a BLeisure traveler or how to make the most of your business trips around the world? We can create customized experiences and tours for you just with a few hours to spare!


Because traveling for pleasure is one thing everybody loves.

What’s a better way to show your employees gratitude for exceeding your expectations?
Corporate incentive based travel is on the rise! Corporations are realizing the value that an incentive like a free trip can provide in encouraging employees, clients and the like to strive harder to reach and surpass their goals. Let us help you utilize this invaluable business driver and create tailor made itineraries within your corporate budget that fit the character and morale of your company.

“I don’t think of work as work and play as play, it’s all living”
– Richard Branson